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First Semester!

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It has been quite hectic and busy schedule for the teachers and as well as students due to international travels of several teachers during the semester. We had successfully accomplished our semester with great expectations for the next semester.

Students' Christmas was held on 14 December and teachers' and staff Christmas on 21 December.

Several highlights of the semester:

1. We could publish our second Theological Journal

2. David and Wendy Hall, who were serving at UBTC returned back to Australia in November.

3. Building Project is taking off; The first thing in the spring will be the transplanting of the Power box to free the land, on which the building will be built. Perspective Drawing is nearly complete after some changes and concerns. The complete perspective picture will be on this website soon.

4. Our Academic registrar Enkhtuya gave birth to her third child (third daughter) and English teacher Khongorzul gave birth to her fifth child (fourth son) during the semester, while our staff and a wife of a staff lost their child prematurely during pregnancy.

5. We survived financially by God's grace and looking forward to receive His providence for the next semester. As of today we have less than two-month's worth of fund in the account and believe that He will provide. Please earnestly pray and support UBTC!

6. It has been one of the most discouraging semester because of the number of students, which dropped from 145 last year to 99 at this point. The number of intake this year was significantly dropped. We do not really know the reasons yet, though there are some hypothetical conclusions such as "just a curve" or "wrong perceptions on the church side regarding the theological education; partly because of recent church growth movement with teachings that give false understanding on formal theological education." Please pray that UBTC will play important role to educate the Church in Mongolia for better growth in the church and in church planting endeavor.


Please Pray for UBTC!