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Theological Education in Mongolia

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Here I would like all of you to pray for the development of theological education in Mongolia.

Good news: Many of the church members are interested in answering issues they face theologically. They are looking at politics, economics, socio-cultural and religious environment and try to answer or discuss it in light of the Bible.

Bad news: This year, we enrolled fewer students and heard the same issue is faced by other Bible institutions.

It tells us few things:

1. Many of the missionaries are going back home and the fund they provided is dropping.

2. Growing movement against formal theological education is brain-washing churches, saying that they will lose time in the Bible schools or not learning much and giving them western examples of 'dried-out' theologians and so on... Most of them are of course in the charismatic or independent movements...

3. Churches are not planning strategically for the future leadership. Since the church is very young, only those who are leading now has been through the theological education and do not see the importance of equipping next generation leaders.


UBTC has started publishing "theological Journal" for the first time to educate the church for the importance of theological education and its development in the church. Please pray that UBTC will succeed to reach its members for the purpose. To root the Church in Mongolia deep in His Word, we should place the church in the right soil where they get right nutrition, the Bible School.

Please pray for us.