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New Semester and New ...

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UBTC has been on holiday since mid-December. On 30 January, our beloved students came back from their holiday for another semester of learning. This semester is a challenging semester for our faculty, because we have entered a new working system to improve our academic standard, asking faculty to write for theological journal that UBTC is producing this semester. Administration Team and the Board has agreed the arrangement on the limitation of credit hours our teachers would teach in a year and the newly created salary system.

Siince UBTC is a leading theological College in Mongolia, we are determined to strive for better academic productions and become better help and support for the Church in Mongolia. This would also encourage other institutions and trainings to improve their quality of theological education.

We are looking forward to hear the response from the government for David & Wendy Hall's (Australia) permission to work at UBTC as missionary teacher/ religious worker.

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