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Educational distinctives

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To prepare leaders who will serve the people and churches of the Mongolian world and beyond with God's love in words and action.

The Union Bible Theological College provides a spiritual study environment in the context of discipline and integrity, for the training and equipping of leaders who are Christ-like, biblically literate, able to teach others and committed to the gospel.

Our students:

1. UBTC seeks to develop students who are spiritually mature and wholly devoted to Christ.
2. UBTC encourages students to have a burden to reach the whole world for Christ.
3. UBTC trains students to apply the Word of God not just to religious deeds but to every part of life.

Our teaching:
1. UBTC emphasises the authority of Scripture and encourages students to evaluate the words of men in the light of Scripture.
2. UBTC is united on the essentials of the evangelical doctrine while accepting diversity of opinions in secondary matters of doctrine regarding which evangelicals are not in agreement. e.g. church government, baptism, charismatic movement, eschatology.
3. UBTC is committed to academic excellence. Its programmes are fully accredited to international standards.

Our staff:
1. UBTC teachers give themselves to disciple and nurture students individually.
2. UBTC seeks to develop its teachers and staff to ensure that they fulfil their potential for the Glory of God.
3. UBTC teachers come from both Mongolia and other countries to help the students to gain a variety of perspectives on Biblical interpretation and church practice.

Our church relations:
1. UBTC is committed to the development of a Mongolian church which is rooted in Mongolian culture.
2. UBTC supports and serves Mongolian churches of all denominations.