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Teachers’/staff Upgrading program

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It is a program recently started. Couple of faculty started to take PhD programs at the National University part-time and three of staff is taking master’s program at various universities part-time and one of the staff is doing intensive English program part-time. Our librarian is doing BA in library science. PhD, English and Library programs are supported so far. PTL!

We are looking for some more donations for our staff who are and will be studying at universities.

Here are needs of support for further education:

1. Khongorzul: English teacher-studying for her Masters degree in English (2nd year) – $300-$1000

2. Oyunjargal: Property Steward – studying for her Masters degree in accountancy and auditting (2nd year) – $300-$1000/year

3. Mendbayar: Receptionist – studying for her Masters degree in Family Studies (2nd year) - $300-$1000/year

4. Javkhlan: Faculty – preparing to start D.Min in Singapore (part-time) - $2500-$2900/year (two return airfare and books)

If you would like to support please contact the principal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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