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Principal's Greetings

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Since 1990, following the collapse of communism in Mongolia, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed in the land of Mongolia.

By God's grace, UBTC was founded by committed missionaries in 1995. After 10 years of hard work and determination, nationals have been equipped to lead and teach with their missionary brothers and sisters.  Currently, UBTC has 8 Mongolian full time teachers and over 20 staff serving the students who come from all over Mongolia.

There has been a transmission in the running of the College.  Nationals have been empowered and encouraged to take over the primary responsibility for managing and staffing the College.  It has been an encouraging process to see the foreign mission agencies gradually placing the College into the hands of nationals, in what is a relatively short span of time.  The Mongolian Christian community is still young.  It is an incredible trust that has been given to the nationals to continue in love, in relationship with God, in striving for excellence, in administering the college with integrity and honesty, and in providing quality Christian education.

We thank all those who walked before us and still pray for us ceaselessly and support us financially.

May this faithful service result in every Mongol person in Mongolia and beyond hearing and responding to the good news of our Lord Jesus. This is our prayer.

Purevdorj (Puje) Jamsran