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UBTC Christmas Celebration

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The UBTC Christmas celebration was held on the 18th of December.  It was an opportunity to express our thankfulness to God for his unfailing provision and strength for the past semester.  The preparation and organisation of the celebration by first and third year students was greatly appreciated.

The celebration was organised by the Student Council under Dean of Students Javkhlan’s supervision.  The first year students also decorated the chapel in a most professional and attractive fashion.

The celebrations began at 2 pm with songs of praise to God for his great love for us and to the Lord Jesus Christ for coming to our world to save us.  Then our Principal Purevdorj J. opened God’s word and preached on the coming of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.  This was followed by greetings and presentations from each of the classes.

There was also a special presentation to 11 students.  This was to recognize that these students had shown obvious growth in the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.

Some photos of the celebration are shown below: