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Student Council

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The Student Council is the voice of the students to the Administration of the College.

The Student Council organises the daily Chapel services and the lunch program. It is also responsible for organising Sports Day, Picnic and Retreats.  The members of the Student Council are selected for their giftedness to be examples to the student body.  Student Council members are expected to fulfil the moral and academic standards of the Council.   The Student Council and Dean of Students have the authority to dismiss Student Council members who fail to maintain these standards.

Members of the Student Council are elected either in December or in the beginning of spring semester. The Student Council consists of two representatives from each class. In the fall semester, one of the third or fourth year students will be appointed on behalf of the first year. The Student Council nominates three names (both male and female) for its president.  The Administration Team will then decide on the student who is to be appointed president.  All other responsibilities are in the hands of the Student Council under the supervision of the Dean of Students.

The Student Council meets once a month. All students can express their opinions and make suggestions to the Stud   ent Council through their representatives.

SC Organization

The Student Council has following committees: Worship, Prayer, Education, Special, and Sports.

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee organises daily chapel services.  Teacher Amartungalag supervises the chapel roster for the student worship team.

Prayer Committee
The Prayer Committee is responsible for the Prayer Service on Thursdays. They prepare the programme for each Thursday and invite individual Christians or teams of Christians who are engaged in ministry with Christian organisations, churches or serving as missionaries to share their ministry with the students.  The students then pray for them and their ministry.

Education Committee
The Education Committee serves to encourage students to learn more about how to manage their time and studies.  Helping them to balance rest, study and recreation.

The Special Committee
The Special Committee is responsible for organising special days, such as birthdays, the cleaning of the school and its beautification. It also organises Christian celebrations and school picnics. It encourages students to be actively involved in the activities.

The Sports Committee
The Sport Committee organises sports days, such as volleyball, basketball, and table tennis competitions.

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