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Principal's report at AGM 20 May 2011

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2011 AGM Principal’s Report

We have had AGM just 7 months ago in October 2010 and decided to have AGM at the end of academic year. So we agreed on 20 May, today, to be our AGM for 2011.

During last 7 months we have sensed His guidance and blessings upon us. UBTC faculty and staff express our thankfulness to you all for your ongoing support and prayer for us. Thank you our Board members for the good leadership, advice and direction you provide. Especially, we thank you pastor Yang for your humble service being a chairman in the board for last 3 years.

Thank you for all the pastors and leaders gathered here, who sent their students to us and support us through your prayers and finances. Thank you for being our friends, coming along side with us to shoulder the burden God has entrusted to us to equip godly men and women for the church, which tries to be the agent of the change in this new wild world.

UBTC staff tried to be wise stewards of the Kingdom and strived to excel in our teaching and serving ministry. God is continually teaching us and moulding us into His image through challenges we had. We are learning to be a community of God’s Kingdom, changing and growing body; staff, teachers and students. We pray that God’s living Word will shape our character, behaviour and actions, so that we will be useful to you for your ministry and ultimately to the extension of the Kingdom in Mongolia and beyond.

As the semester started in February, we are challenged with so much load and some administration adjustments due to some of our foreign faculty left the country for good and some part-time foreign teachers were restricted in their ministry by the immigration office and one interim-teacher sent abroad for further study.

Financial challenges were always there. Though we have good supporters for the school, but they are too few to really satisfy our growing need. Pressures from the authorities are not as difficult as last year. We have submitted our application to be registered under Ministry of Education, but it was rejected on the basis that “religious studies” is not primary profession to start a school. We have submitted our registration extension to the City Council in February, but still waiting for our extension.

The Church in Mongolia is celebrating its 20th year anniversary to look back, re-vision and re-capture God’s story in our lives. UBTC looks back the wonderful work of God and thank Him for His faithfulness and the faithfulness of the people He used. At the same time we are looking forward what God is putting in front of us. As the churches in Mongolia is growing in number, the deepening of their roots into the Word is one of the pressing issues we are facing today. The increasing demands to respond to social justice and culture felt by the church. Thankfully people who are in a higher and high living standard and social status are coming into the Body of Christ. But responding to their need and problems biblically becomes a challenge to the church and to pastors and leaders. Thus striving for higher education for those who are leading the church and train their men and women for the new chapter of the Church is important.

On the other side, churches getting busier with their activities in their evangelistic endeavour, so pastors are reluctant to send the best persons to UBTC, rather let him/her work alongside with him, saying “no time to study, but to harvest.” Of course, in many cases, the church and person himself have financial inability to commit 2-4 years to study. Even many pastors wanting to study themselves, but no time and suitable customized setup and curriculum for them to study.

This is where UBTC should start respond and proactively develop and deliver better education for the Church. We pray that the church will release their best people for the near future, which would be tougher and more demanding than today. UBTC is seeking to resolve big financial issues with our partners overseas. But most importantly, we, Mongolian church should work together to develop a program to boost up our theological education financially. That is the way we should see in the near future.

UBTC is striving to provide a spiritual study environment in the context of discipline and integrity, for the training and equipping of leaders who are Christ-like, biblically literate, able to teach others and committed to the gospel. That is our mission.

Here are some blessings that we would like to share with you.

Academic developments

Graduation 2010

This year’s graduation was held at UBTC on 9th June. The following graduated:

Certificate in Christian Ministry (evening) 14

Certificate in Christian Ministry (modular) 5

Certificate in Church Ministry 3

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Studies 2

Bachelor of Theology in Biblical and Pastoral Studies 7

Bachelor of Ministry in Church Ministry 4


Current full statistics are given at the end of this report.

Intake 2010

UBTC has taken 64 new students for our programs this year:

Church Ministry Certificate 7

Bachelor of Ministry 1

Bachelor of Theology 5

Bachelor of Arts 5

Master of Divinity 4

Christian Ministry Evening 25

Christian Ministry Especial 4

Christian Ministry Modular 13


There are total of 171 students including 2 part time students studying at UBTC currently.

Staff and Teachers

  • Administration Team consists of the Academic Dean Tumenbayar, the Dean of Student Javkhlan, the Administrative Dean Ganbat, the Field Education Supervisor Narantuya and the principal Purevdorj.
  • We have seven full-time Mongolian teachers: Javkhlan, Gantulga, Narantuya, Amartungalag, Khongorzul, Altantsetseg, Batbayar and Tumenbayar.
  • We have two full-time expatriate teachers under UBTC visas. They are: David Burge (Australia), Kim Bong Choon (Korea)
  • Teacher Amarjargal J. is on maternity leave.
  • Teacher Amarjargal N. became registrar to the Dean of Students and the supervisor for Field Education.
  • Our interim teacher Luvsangombo with his family (wife and 2 daughters) is sent to Malayasian Bible Seminary for further study.
  • We have new IT person Altanshagai, a member of Nalaikh Uurchlult Church.
  • Our beloved teachers Erik Thomson and his family (UK) and Lee Jae Shin and his family (Korea) has gone back to their respective countries.
  • We have two visiting faculty Choi Byon Ho (Korea) and Stephen Ng (Canada).
  • We also have about 10-15 part-time teachers teaching each semester.
  • Our translator Batsanaa just resigned for other job.
  • There are over 12 other staff for the professional and skilled jobs.


Our staff and teachers are undertaking further study. The following are either in training or have recently finished.

· Our teacher Batbayar graduated from Singapore Bible College with a M.Div. degree and now teaching.

· Uugantuya, the librarian is studying for a Diploma in Library Science at Mongolian University of Culture and Arts.

· Purevdorj is studying for a PhD in Religious Studies at Mongolian National University.

· Tumenbayar is studying for a PhD in history at Mongolian National University.

· Mendbayar is studying for a Master in Family Studies at Ulaanbaatar University.

· Oyunjargal is studying for a Master in Accounting and Auditting at Science and Thecnology University.

· Khongorzul is studying for a Master in Education at Humanitarian University.

· Luvsangombo is studying at Malaysian Bible Seminary.

Personnel and responsibility

  • There are 25 fulltime staff (4 staff serving as 80%) serving in different posts and 2 more workers employed for seasonal work.

Administration Team






Administrative Dean



Academic Dean



Dean of Students



Field Education Supervisor





Amarjargal, J.



















Foreign fulltime teachers



David Burge



Kim Bong Choon

Professional workers


Registrar (FE, Student Affairs)

Amarjargal N.








IT person



Fabric Steward


Skilled Workers





Assistant cook












Here are some highlights for clarification about the above positions.

  • Ganbat is the Administrative Dean of the school: employment matters, public relations and responsible for the school, when the Principal is absent.
  • Tumenbayar was appointed as the Academic Dean. He is responsible for curriculum, students and teachers.
  • Javkhlan is the Dean of Students. He is responsible for library, alumni, student council and student life issues.
  • Narantuya is appointed as the supervisor for the Field Education, when Erik Thomson goes back for home assignment next year. She is take care of practicum and church involvement of the students.
  • Amartungalag is the supervisor of BA program and women students. She also takes care of Teachers’ Fund, which is for students’ health and dorm needs.
  • Khongorzul is supervising Translation project.

Personnel changes occurred:

  • IT person Tamir was resigned and a new IT person Alltanshagai is employed.
  • Batsanaa is resigned and the Translation Office is closed, but the translation project will still continue.

Registration Issue:

· We submitted our application to Ministry of Education, but as I mentioned earlier that they rejected us. But the rejection is not about that we have everything lack, but more of that they would not register a minor profession (as they call) to be a school.

· Also we have submitted the application to Special Education Department in BZDistrict. They have given us a permission to do educational work, specifically languages: English, Greek and Hebrew.

Buildings and refurbishing from last summer 2010


· There were minor furnishing works at the dormitory. Curtains, chairs and tables, blankets and sheets were purchased.

· Refurbishing work of the library, kitchen, classrooms and toilets are completed.

· Kitchen utensils and electrical equipments are almost completely changed.

· Six classrooms are being equipped with LCD projectors for more effective teaching and interaction.

· All the old wooden windows were changed into “vacuum” windows, which changes the look of the classrooms.

· For the security reason, we have installed iron bars for all the first floor and some second floor windows.

· We had planted little more than 100 trees in the campus and had done some landscaping works.

· A new security system is installed in the library for better security.

· Wireless Internet is available for teachers only.

· Wireless printing is available in library.

· New sound system is installed in the chapel with the help of international church that rents our hall.

· Some shelves were made and donated by the KPC missionary fellowship to our library.

Future plans:

· For our campus development, we would like to purchase a piece of land, preferably joined to our current land. But the owner of the land has no legal document, but asking money. So we suspect for it and wait. We may develop some other options for further development.

· We would like to complete the landscaping of the campus, planting more trees and making a flood way for cleanliness of the campus.

· We would like to change our fence. Currently, all the garbage come into our campus by wind because there is no proper protection.

· Re-insulating the windows in the dormitory is very important, that in the winter we spent so much energy to warm it up and the rooms are still not very warm.

· Furthermore, we would like to create recreational and exercise area at the basement level of the dormitory, where UBTC family will have “healthy” fellowship.

· There are 4 more classrooms and a chapel, where we are planning to install LCD projectors in the near future.

· We have minimal musical instruments. This would be a project for us to purchase a better set of instruments for students to pick up some musical skills while studying and improve our worship.

· Toilets in south will be renovated.

Students’ Affairs

UBTC now has 163 students (a statistical breakdown is appended below).

  • We have about 20 students, who came from countryside, living in the dormitory.
  • Dormitory has its own activities for recreation, fellowship and spiritual formation.
  • We have given scholarships to about 40 fulltime. We are aware that for many students, families and churches, the tuition fee is a burden for their ministry and study. So, we are committed to help them through scholarship program.
  • Our chapel services (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) are aiming to worship Him and forming students’ spiritual maturity. On Tuesday, there is a small group where students are fellowshipping and learning under the leadership of fourth year students. On Thursday, we have prayer service, where we invite people to share about their ministries. We pray for that particular ministry. In that way, we are helping students to be exposed to different activities of God in Mongolia and beyond.
  • Sports Day and Picnics are organized by Student Council to have students to get to know each other and play together.
  • By the invitation of Presbyterian Bible School, UBTC students fellowshipped with other theological students for basketball match and our men’s team won the 1st place.
  • UBTC is emphasizing spiritual formation not only in the activities and chapel, but also in the classroom teaching, even it is highly academic course. In everything we are teaching and modelling, we want our students to learn the most important thing, which is the relationship with the Lord.
  • Library is considered students’ second home. Therefore, we are striving to make it as warm and friendly as possible, so that “the journey of discovery” is more meaningful and life-changing.

Alumni Affairs

UBTC has 311 graduates from its various programs. Over a third of these completed the four-year program and more people are going for 4 year programs currently, unlike 5 years ago. Statistics are shown below. About a quarter of the graduates are working in rural areas as evangelists and church-workers.

We have put some efforts on the Alumni Affairs since 2009 and we find it very difficult part of our ministry. But with efforts of some graduates, we could manage doing some fruitful seminars for alumni. The last one has been done in January and will be on in June.

Field Education

All of our full-time students are involved in field education. Some undertake training and evangelism, others are involved in social projects. During last spring break, as part of their field education, the second year students went on mission trips to Bayankhogor aimag, Arkhangai aimag and Zavkhan aimag. All the teams were encouraged by the response to their evangelism and teaching.

All the students are required to have ministry in their churches in their own capacity.

Theological Textbook Translation

Theological Textbook Translation Office tries to translate and publish important theological and educational books primarily for the classes at UBTC and also for the wider body of Christ, the pastors, leaders and believers. We had only one translator and she just resigned.

But we have no intention not to continue translating text-books. May be we should see other way of producing books in Mongolian, consigning with private translators or publishing houses. Translation Office may be converted into Translation Project.

The following book has been re-edited and reprinted by UBTC during the last year (2010):

  • “Effective Biblical Counseling” by Larry Crabb
  • “Grace Walk” by Steve McVey
  • “How to Understand your Bible” by T. Norton Sterrett.
  • “Master Plan of Evangelism” by Robert E. Coleman.
  • “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan.
  • “Preach the Word” by Denis Lein

The following books are under preparation:

  • “Exploring the Old Testament: The Pentateuch: Vol 1” by Gordon Wenham.
  • “Exploring the Old Testament: Prophets Vol 4” by Gordon McConville.
  • “How to Read the Bible Book by Book” by Douglas K.Gordan; Gordan D.Fee
  • “Scripture Sculpture” by Richard Ramish.
  • “Mission of God” by Christopher Wright.

Statistical Information of All UBTC Graduates (1997 to 2010)



Year Started

No. of Graduates

Certificate of Biblical and Pastoral Studies

1995 (ended 2009)


Advanced Diploma of Theology

1997 (ended 2001)


Certificate in Mission and Evangelism

2000 (ended 2008)


Certificate in Christian Education

2000 (ended 2008)


Certificate in Church Ministry



Bachelor of Theology



Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Ministry



Certificate in Christian Ministry (Evening)



Certificate in Christian Ministry (Special)



Diploma in Ministry



Certificate in Christian Ministry (Modular)



Total Graduates



It includes 144 who graduated twice or more. i.e. total number of people 311


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