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Board members

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The College Board provides overall direction and accountability for the College, as well as providing prayerful encouragement and support for the Principal, staff and students of the College.  Board members are elected by the Annual General Meeting which is usually held at the end of May each year.
The current board members are:

Name Position Church and Organization
1 Batbold.L
member Pastor of "Living Word" church
2 Hwang Sun Kook
member Pastor of "Baganuur" church
3 Park In Ug
member Pastor of "Dayar Sergelt" church
4 William Stephens member Member of "Joint Christian Service" international
5 Graham Aylett
member Adviser T.E.E Mongolia
6 Altansoyombo.Sh member Pastor of "Bright Future" church
7 Enkhmunkh.P member Director of T.E.E
8 Ju Jang Sob
member Pastor of "Bayankhoshuu Peace" church
9 Tumurkhuyag member Pastor of "Eternal Love" church
10 Dorjlkham. alternate member Pastor of “Uliastai’ church
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