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Theological Journal and Theological Conf…

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 09 Jan 2016 News

We had published our 6th issue of Theological Journal. It is the very first and the only theological literature produced in Mongolia. Not only we had written articles on Theological...

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New Curriculum and ...

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 08 Jan 2016 News

- UBTC has developed totally new curriculum for BTh and certificate programs. It is being implemented since September 2015. - A new program of MA mission had seen its first graduates...

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J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 28 May 2014 News

Thank you praying friends! ATA VET team has worked at UBTC and re-accredited us for the next 5 years. PTL!!!

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ATA Reaccreditation NEXT WEEK!

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 16 May 2014 Prayer items

Dear Praying friends, By God's grace it has been 5 years since we have accredited by Asia Theological Association, a member of several international accrediting bodies around the world. Last 5...

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Open Day of UBTC is approaching

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 29 Mar 2014 News

UBTC is preparing to do "Open Day" on 2 May 2014. Executive Committee of the event is already made some progress. Through this event we would like to see more...

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Fitness Project

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 11 Dec 2013 News

Last couple of years, we have been working on preparing our under-ground floor of dormitory building for fitness gym. By God's grace we have finished it with adequate...

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Biblical Education Summit

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 11 May 2013 News

UBTC has initiated and led organizing the Biblical Education Summit for Mongolia Church, under a theme of "Importance of Biblical Education for the Growth of Mongolia Church"  between 8 and...

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Alumni Seminar - January 2013

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 18 Jan 2013 News

UBTC Alumni Seminar was held between 14 and 16 January. Dr. Kwai Lin lectured on Mentoring and Discipleship - Leadership Development. There were over 60 graduates who are serving in...

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First Semester!

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 29 Dec 2012 News

It has been quite hectic and busy schedule for the teachers and as well as students due to international travels of several teachers during the semester. We had successfully accomplished...

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Theological Education in Mongolia

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 05 Sep 2012 Prayer items

Here I would like all of you to pray for the development of theological education in Mongolia. Good news: Many of the church members are interested in answering issues they face...

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Continue to Serve the Church

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 05 Sep 2012 News

UBTC has just enrolled 40 students from our member churches into our programs for 2-4 years of education in Christian knowledge. We have graduated 40 students last June, among whom our...

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New Building Project

J.Purevdorj - avatar J.Purevdorj 17 Feb 2012 News

As we are furthering our Campus Development Program, we are planning to build 4-storey building of about 1600 sq.m. It is still in the planning period. Please pray for all...

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